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The Coaching Process

1-on-1 personal training can help you to meet the goals that you have for your health and wellness. It is the trainer's objective to educate you and hold you accountable for achieving your goals. From an outside standpoint, a personal trainer may be able to see areas of concern that you are not able to discern. This process takes time, adjustments, effort, and commitment from both the trainer and trainee. Before beginning this process, be sure to discuss any questions or concerns you may have.  

What is Expected of the Client

The client is expected to attend each session on time and ready to work. They may need to be open to changes in their goals as the coaching process evolves. As a trainer, I am not judgmental but impartial. To that end, I may ask tough questions and expect the tough answers in order for growth to take place both personally and professionally, but only as it pertains to the clients fitness goals. However, clients do maintain the right to decide what topics to cover and to terminate a subject if they don’t want to discuss it further.

Each client has to be committed to the process in order for goals to be reached.  Remember that a trainer can only do so much. 

What is my mission as a Trainer

As a Personal Trainer and Nutritionist, my mission is to listen, educate, help each client create habits and lifestyle.  Longevity is always my number one goal for each client.  Along with that, I desire and work hard to help each client achieve their own, personal goals through personalized nutrtion and workout programs.  


Your goals or aims are what you intend to achieve.  Research shows a positive link between people with clearly thought-out goals and their level of success.


7. What does your typical day look like?

If you currently do NOT exercise, please go to question 20

Training Program Commitment Agreement

I am choosing to participate in and commit to a ftiness program with Nikki. Training may include, but is not limited to, weight and/or resistance training, cardiovascular training, corrective exercises, and nutrition guidance.

I realise that a large portion of my success will be based on my commitment to follow instruction, changing my lifestyle, creating healthy habits, and my attitude towards the fitness program as a whole.  Get Fit with Nikki cannot guarantee results, but my willingness to work hard will improve the opportunity of success.

I have read the above policy and agree to its terms as it applies to my personal training package.

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